Our Science Curriculum: Empowering Through Inquiry.


At STEPS, we’re reshaping the way students engage with Science. Our curriculum combines innovative pedagogical approaches with technology to convert traditional classrooms into immersive laboratories of learning.


Understanding that each educational environment has unique requirements, our Science curriculum isn’t a uniform solution, but rather a versatile learning model that responds to local needs. Our initiative has already made a significant impact in Benin, Cameroon, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, influencing hundreds of students and teachers, and we’re determined to extend this positive influence.


In Benin, we’ve introduced a comprehensive Science curriculum. This curriculum not only meets the immediate needs of educators but also enriches the learning experiences of the students.


In Cameroon, we’re introducing our STEPS Science curriculum and implementing a Train-the-Trainer (ToT) program. These initiatives aim to equip teachers with effective strategies and resources, ultimately enhancing Science education in STEPS-affiliated schools.


In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, our focus is on deepening Science Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in select schools. Despite challenges, our partners have managed to gather essential data and deliver TPD in Science, laying a solid foundation for further implementation and research.


To ensure the widest possible impact, all our Science TPD programs and materials are sensitively adapted for a Francophone context and professionally translated into French. We’re committed to making these resources available online, enabling learners and educators across the globe to benefit from our unique approach.


We also plan to roll out a Train-the-Trainer (ToT) program focused on promoting gender sensitivity across all participating countries, a move underlining our commitment to inclusive education.


Our aim is clear – to inspire curiosity, cultivate scientific literacy, empower educators, and broaden the educational horizons for students across the world.


Join us as we revolutionize Science education, one step at a time.